Breakout Cable Patch: Simplifying Fiber Optic Connectivity

Breakout cable patch, also known as breakout patch cable or fan-out patch cable, is a versatile solution designed to simplify fiber optic connectivity in various applications. 

It is particularly useful for indoor interconnection between transmission equipment and patch panels. It offers a cost-effective and pre-assembled option.

Breakout Cable Patch Cord is a versatile and cost-effective solution designed to simplify fiber optic connectivity in various applications. It is particularly suitable for indoor interconnection between transmission equipment and patch panels, providing a convenient pre-assembled option.

Product Features:

  1. Multi-Fiber Design: Breakout Cable Patch Cord features a multi-fiber design that allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple fibers. This design eliminates the need for multiple individual cables, reducing clutter and improving cable management.

  2. Industry-Standard Flammability Rating Jacket: The breakout cable is equipped with an industry-standard flammability rating jacket, ensuring compliance with safety regulations for indoor installations. This jacket provides protection and durability for the enclosed fibers.

  3. High-Speed Cabling Network Compatibility: The connectors used in Breakout Cable Patch Cord meet the EIA/TIA 604-2 standard, making them compatible with high-speed cabling networks. This ensures reliable and efficient data transmission.

  4. Easy Identification and Termination: Each individual fiber within the breakout cable is color-coded or numbered for easy identification and termination. This simplifies the installation and maintenance process, saving time and effort.

  5. Multiple Length Options: Breakout Cable Patch Cord is available in various length options to accommodate different connectivity requirements. Whether you need short connections within a rack or longer connections between equipment and patch panels, there is a suitable length available.


  • Data Centers
  • Telecommunications Networks
  • Local Area Networks (LANs)
  • Indoor Interconnections
  • Patch Panel Connections
  • Equipment Connections

Choose Breakout Cable Patch Cord for simplified and efficient fiber optic connectivity in your indoor installations. With its multi-fiber design, industry-standard jacket, and compatibility with high-speed networks, it provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for your connectivity needs.

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