FTTR Solution

Fibeye provides FTTR(Fiber to the room) solutions, We specialize in Huawei-adapted FTTR solutions that can help you tap into new markets and grow your business.

1. What is FTTR

FTTR(Fiber-to-the-room), is an innovative solution that allows telecom operators to bring optical fibers directly into rooms. With FTTR solution, operators can lay fiber optic cable in users' rooms and install multiple routers, including a main router and several sub-routers, as needed.

By implementing FTTR, not only can users enjoy high-speed internet connectivity, but they can also enjoy seamless WiFi coverage throughout their homes. This eliminates the need for users to worry about laying network cables, purchasing and configuring routers and other network-related headaches.

At Fibeye, we specialize in providing Huawei-adapted FTTR solutions that are designed with your needs in mind. Our FTTR solutions are reliable to ensure high-speed data transmission.

2. FTTR: Pros and Cons


  • Direct fiber optic connection to rooms results in less signal loss over longer distances and higher transmission capacity.
  • Multiple FTTR routers provide seamless WiFi coverage throughout the home, eliminating signal dead zones and improving the user experience.
  • The use of invisible fiber optic cables results in better aesthetics and easier cable management.
  • The overall FTTR solution saves users time and effort.


  The overall cost of the FTTR solution is currently higher, making it more suitable for commercial use than for residential use.

3. FTTR Solution Introduce

FTTR extends fiber optic cables to every room, making deployment and delivery key factors for large-scale commercial uptake. There are two deployment scenarios based on timing: "post-renovation" and "pre-renovation."

Post-Renovation Scenario:

FTTR is deployed in existing properties where the distribution of information points and concealed pipelines within walls cannot be changed. Fiber optic cables are laid in concealed pipelines that already contain network cables and coaxial cables, requiring high technical expertise from construction workers. In some cases, it may be impossible to lay fiber optic cables using concealed pipelines, and visible cables may be necessary.

Pre-Renovation Scenario:

FTTR is deployed before users move in, such as in newly constructed or renovated properties. Information points can be planned according to user needs, and all fiber optic cables are laid in concealed pipelines, making the deployment process easy.

Pre-renovation scenarios are easier to deploy for project delivery, especially in complex properties such as villas. There is also no risk of failed deployments.

For users, pre-renovation scenarios ensure proper planning of information points and optimal WiFi coverage throughout the entire home. With fiber optic cables laid in concealed pipelines, the aesthetics of the home are also preserved. 

Therefore, exploring the "pre-renovation" business model, developing the industry ecosystem, and collaborating with decoration and real estate companies can help promote the wider adoption of FTTR.

4. Why Need FTTR  to Achieve Full Coverage of Gigabit WiFi

Interference and Bandwidth

WiFi signals operating in the 2.4GHz frequency band are susceptible to interference from various devices, such as microwaves and cordless phones.

 This can result in reduced performance and slower speeds. Additionally, the 2.4GHz band has limited bandwidth, limiting the number of devices that can connect simultaneously. 

FTTR addresses these issues by providing a dedicated fiber optic connection to each room, ensuring robust and interference-free connectivity.

Penetration of Walls

The 5GHz frequency band is capable of higher speeds and less interference compared to 2.4GHz. 

However, it has weaker wall penetration capabilities, making it challenging to deliver strong WiFi signals to every corner of a building. 

FTTR overcomes this limitation by extending the fiber optic connection directly to each room, eliminating the need for WiFi signals to traverse walls and ensuring reliable coverage throughout the premises.

Stable and High-Speed Connectivity

By deploying FTTR, each room is equipped with a dedicated fiber optic connection, offering a stable and high-speed network connection. 

This enables users to enjoy bandwidth-intensive applications, such as VR movies, VR games, 4K videos, real-time meetings and online classes without interruptions or buffering. 

The super-gigabit WiFi network provided by FTTR ensures a seamless and immersive digital experience.

Whole-Family Coverage

FTTR ensures that every room in a building or residence has access to high-quality WiFi connectivity. 

This is particularly beneficial for large families or households with multiple users and devices. 

With FTTR, multiple connections can be established simultaneously, enabling everyone to enjoy a five-star broadband experience with low latency, high speed and reliable connections.