MPO Loopback Assemblies for Reliable Network Testing

MPO/MTP loopbacks are available in multiple configurations to accommodate 8-fiber, 12-fiber, 16-fiber and 24-fiber MPO/MTP connectors,

as well as various fiber types, ensuring compatibility with different testing requirements.

MPO/MTP loopback is a passive optical device that incorporates an MPO/MTP loopback harness. 

It enables the connection of both fiber ends within a single MPO/MTP connector, creating a loopback configuration without signal alteration or repetition.

This innovative device offers an efficient solution for testing the transmission capabilities and network equipment receiver sensitivity. Particularly use in 40/100G network communications

By transmitting signals and receiving them back, it allows for the identification of various potential phenomena, facilitating effective testing and evaluation of individual components, interfaces and the entire paired fiber network.

What is MPO Loopback?

MPO loopbacks are specialized fiber optic assemblies. It used for burn-in and testing of MPO network components and systems. 

These compact devices provide a loopback connection in the MPO interface, allowing for comprehensive testing of transmitter functionality and receiver sensitivity. 

With their rugged housing and high-density design, MPO loopbacks offer highly reliability and repeatability.

Why Need MPO Loopback?

MPO loopbacks are crucial for validating the performance and functionality of fiber optic network equipments. 

By simulating a complete network connection, these loopbacks enable accurate testing of transmission capabilities and receiver sensitivities. 

They help detect potential issues and ensure that the equipment meets the required specifications. 

MPO loopbacks are essential tools for troubleshooting, maintenance, and ensuring optimal network performance.

How to Use MPO Loopback?

Using MPO loopback is straightforward. Simply connect the MPO loopback module to the MPO/MTP interface transceiver, creating a loopback connection. 

This loopback configuration allows for testing the transmitter and receiver functions of the network equipment. 

By analyzing the transmitted and received signals, operators can verify the equipment's performance and identify any potential issues or weaknesses.

Why Choose Fibeye for MPO Loopback Manufacturer?

Fibeye is your trusted manufacturer for MPO loopback solutions for several reasons. 

Our MPO loopbacks have the highest quality standards, offering rugged and compact housing for maximum stability and reliability during testing. 

We provide single-mode and multimode options, ensuring compatibility with various fiber types. 

Choose Fibeye for dependable MPO loopbacks that meet your network testing needs.