Fibeye Fiber Optic Drop Cable Manufacturer

Are you looking for the perfect cable to introduce into your user network? 

Whether it's Fiber to the Home (FTTH), Fiber to the Office (FTTO), or Fiber to the Building (FTTB), we've got you covered. 

Our  fiber optic drop cables are designed exactly for this purpose.

Our FTTH drop cables offer is available in different counts from 1, 2, 4, to 12, these cables adopt standard design in the industry.

They are solutions for the last mile of FTTH, designed to connect the distribution network to individual homes or buildings, enabling the delivery of high-speed broadband to end-users.

Types of Drop Cable

Think of optical drop cables as the direct link from the service provider distribution network to you, the subscriber. These cables typically contain no more than 12 optical fibers, loosely located in a buffer tube. Let's explore the different designs!

1. Figure-8 Optical Drop Cable

Figure-8 optical drop cables are unique. They're made of two distinct subcomponents—a central tube cable linked to a steel wire. The beauty of this design is that it combines the installation of the messenger wire and optical cable into one process. You'll typically find this cable used in aerial applications.

2. All-dielectric Optical Drop Cable

All-dielectric optical drop cables position the optical fibers in a centrally located buffer tube. This design supports direct buried, conduit, and aerial self-support applications. It's the most commonly used optical drop type today.

3. Armored Optical Drop Cable

Just like the all-dielectric cables, armored optical drop cables also place the optical fibers in the centrally located buffer tube. But here's the difference. A protective metallic foil surrounds the buffer tube, providing an additional protective barrier for the optical fibers.

In the world of optical communications, we're your go-to partner. Our fiber optic drop cables are designed with your needs in mind. Let us help you achieve optimal results in your fiber networks.