Network Management Main Control Board FW8N


Meet the Network Management Main Control Board FW8N, your key to connecting to the host computer of your management device.


Meet the Network Management Main Control Board FW8N, your key to connecting to the host computer of your management device.

With the FW8N, you can monitor, configure, and manage every board card in your chassis in real time through the host computer.

The FW8N main control board features a high-speed ARM processor, offering powerful data processing capabilities.

It provides command line CU, browser (WEB), graphical (NMS), and other management interfaces for your device.

Whether you're deploying on a server version or a standalone version, the FW8N is perfect for networks of any scale.

Allowing network management operators and enterprise-level users to build suitable network management solutions.

Features You May Interested:

  • 1+1 Dual Network Management Hot Backup Function: Ensures reliable network management with dual network port backup and the ability to automatically or manually switch network management functions.

  • Hot-Swap and Software and Hardware Watchdog Functions: Guarantees the reliability, controllability, and credibility of your network management.

  • Support for Online Upgrades: Upgrade locally or remotely online without affecting the functionality of service boards.

  • Complete Network Management Platform: Supports multiple network management platforms, with management methods including SNMP, CLI, Web, and NMS (graphical interface).

  • Abundant Network Management Interfaces: Offers 2SFP and 2RJ45 management interfaces, along with a local interface (TYPE-C port).

  • Powerful Multi-Level Network Topology Management Functions: Enables rapid and automatic discovery of network topology, generating intuitive and vivid display graphics.

  • Compliance with TMN Specifications: Realizes device management, monitoring and deployment, software upgrade management, configuration file management, and alarm and performance management functions, providing all-round network management from device to network level.

Trust the Network Management Main Control Board FW8N for comprehensive and reliable network management.

With its advanced functionality and flexibility, the FW8N is designed to streamline your network operations.

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Features of Network Management Main Control Board FW8N:

  • 1+1 dual network management hot backup function
  • Hot-swap and software and hardware watchdog functions
  • Support online upgrade
  • Complete network management platform: SNMP, CLI, Web, NMS (graphical interface)
  • Abundant network management interfaces: 2SFP, 2RJ45, and local interface (TYPE-C port)
  • Powerful multi-level network topology management functions
  • Complies with TMN specification for device management, monitoring, deployment, software upgrade management, configuration file management, alarm and performance management

Applications of Network Management Main Control Board FW8N:

  • Connects to the host computer of the management device
  • Real-time monitoring, configuration, and management of each board card in the chassis
  • Suitable for network deployment of various scales
  • Builds network management solutions for network management operators and enterprise users
  • Enables reliable network management with 1+1 dual network port backup
  • Ensures network management reliability, controllability, and credibility with hot-swap and watchdog functions
  • Supports online upgrade without affecting service board functions
  • Facilitates network management through multiple interfaces and management platforms

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